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Editor's Note SH UT TERSTOCK ERIC O'KEEFE Compare & Contrast Beware of INVESTMENT ADVISORS bearing sumptuous returns. O ur annual Investing Issue features many Do's and one very dangerous Don't. e morning I first read (and reread) the Don't — a get-rich-quick scheme that morphed into a $100-plus million money pit — I knew this cautionary tale would be a perfect fit for the Magazine of the American Landowner. Why? Because investment advisors focus on returns, not rural real estate markets. As you read "Big Empty," notice this glaring omission: the name of a single local broker to advise the pension fund. Talk about a beginner's mistake. Play the long game. Follow the patient money to the Columbia River Valley (above) where Bill Gates just invested $171 million (page 25). Consider David Teichert-Coddington's investment in Alabama (page 70). You might be a tad late if you opt to follow Latt Maxcy to Osceola County (page 96), but if you do, make sure you have a broker like Dean Saunders. SOLID GROUND Sun, soil, water, and wind — the Columbia Gorge has long been recognized as a premier investment opportunity. 16 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | FALL 20 18

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