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# L A N D R E P O R T FACEBOOK BILL GATES PAYS $171 MILLION FOR WASHINGTON FARMLAND... [T]here's two Vineyards on it. Well that's obviously why Bill Gates bought the property. We will now have Microsoft wine. The question is will he sell the wine before its time. (Only us older people will get that last one.) Jeff Eurgatis Any lithium in the ground there? Johnny Hill $11,793 per acre! That must be amazing farmland. Wow! Bonita Gibson Cremer TWITTER I am 829,999.04 acres away from cracking into the @landreport 100 top ten. Coming for John Malone's throne. @AstroEconomist Many thx to @landreport for selecting our Portraits series and allowing our exec director, Lesli Allison, the opp to share these incredible stories. @VoiceofWLA GATE S: G US RU EL AS/R EUTERS CORRECTION: On page 36 in "Events" (The Land Report, Summer 2018), Chris Jeffrey was incorrectly identified as Chris Thistledew. Twice. Along with Doug Hall and Joel Leadbetter, DOUG HART (left) and JIM TAYLOR (right) were original shareholders in Hall and Hall. know how late he could arrive and how early he could leave. On the other hand, if it were a meeting with friends, a piece of land to scout, or a client to show around, there were never any deadlines. Ranch brokers like Doug are few and far between these days. He had a vast knowl- edge of a huge chunk of the West, and he understood everything from livestock to wildlife to fisheries to conservation. When Doug and I started at Hall and Hall, there were only three of us brokers. We covered everything from Pinedale, Wyoming, to Eka- laka, Montana — all from Billings. Doug wanted to represent only the biggest and the best and to do that he traveled a big circle. And that desire drove us to expand both within the U.S. and internation- ally. He will be missed by the many whose lives he touched. May he rest in peace. Sincerely, James H. Taylor Partner & Friend L ANDREP ORT.COM 19 FALL 20 18 | e LandReport

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