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100 e Land Report 20/ Stimson Family 552,000 ACRES One of the nation's oldest continuously operating integrated wood products companies, the family's STIMSON LUMBER COMPANY pre-dates the Civil War. Founder Thomas Douglass (T.D.) Stimson (1827–1898) blazed a trail for six generations of his family. Originally based in Michigan, he sold his Great Lakes holdings in the 1880s and relocated to the Pacific Northwest. Today, Stimson Lumber operates seven mills in Oregon and Idaho and owns significant fir, pine, and cedar operations in Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. 18/ Ford Family 580,000 ACRES 203,000 ACRES In the depths of the Great Depression, Kenneth Ford (1908–1997) decided to go into business with a single sawmill that he pieced together using salvaged equipment. Ford's first mill initially employed 25. Today, ROSEBURG FOREST PRODUCTS employs more than 3,200 and is one of the largest family- owned wood products manufacturers in the nation. In 2018, Roseburg sold 170,000 acres of investment- grade California timberland to Shasta Cascade Timberlands, an investment vehicle formed by New Forests. 16/ O'Connor Heirs 587,800 ACRES By the time of his death in 1887, Irish immigrant Thomas O'Connor (1817–1887) owned half a million acres in Southeast Texas and close to 100,000 head of cattle. His philosophy? "Buy land and never sell. Land can't die, and it can't run away." Son D.M. O'Connor (1839–1900) discovered oil while drilling for water, further solidifying the family fortune. Descendants oversee operations at O'CONNOR RANCH, which stretches across Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria counties. 17/ omas Peterffy 581,000 ACRES 20,000 ACRES This Hungarian refugee arrived in New York City in 1965 and soon began trading options on the American Stock Exchange. Ultimately, Peterffy made a name for himself by automating the trading floor with handheld computers. He then founded the electronic brokerage firm Interactive Brokers. Forbes consistently ranks the innovator as one of the world's richest billionaires. In December 2015, Peterffy vaulted into the top tier of US landowners when he paid more than $700 million to acquire 561,000-acre FOLEY TIMBER & LAND in Northern Florida. 19/ Martin Family 570,000 ACRES ROYOMARTIN produces a variety of products ranging from solid wood timbers to cost-effective tape-and-panel solutions. Founded in 1923, the company just celebrated its 95th anniversary. This timber industry mainstay traces its heritage back to Roy Otis Martin Sr. (1890–1973), a Michigander who relocated to the Pelican State when he purchased a timber mill near Alexandria. The family's MARTIN SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES has holdings in two states and 32 parishes. In 2007, No. 100 on the Land Report 100 owned 75,000 acres. This year? The lowest acreage total has doubled to 150,000 acres. 112 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | WINTER 20 18

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