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100 e Land Report 27/ Philip Anschutz 434,500 ACRES Phil Anschutz's mother always hoped her son would become a history professor. There must be some consolation in the fact that the Denverite recently published a companion edition to his first book, OUT WHERE THE WEST BEGINS (see The Land Report, Winter 2015). Whereas Volume One focused on 50 business leaders who had an oversized impact on the American West, Volume Two has a much broader focus: religious thinkers, political and military leaders, civil rights proponents, suffragettes, writers, and of course, given THE ANSCHUTZ COLLECTION at the American Museum of Western Art, artists. "At the close of the Civil War, Americans still knew surprisingly little about large sections of their own backyard." So begins a surprising chapter on surveyors. Clearly, this is must-read material for anyone with ties to or an interest in land. 28/ Jeff Bezos 420,000 ACRES 20,000 ACRES In 2018, urban acreage was front-page news, thanks to Amazon HQ2. The race to land the giant company's second headquarters became a mainstay of business CAMP HORTON, his ranch near Fort Stockton, Texas. Horton's goals are for the children to hone their manners, to experience West Texas ranch life, and to learn that the company he founded cares about them. 24/ McDonald Family 474,000 ACRES This Alabama family holds the vast majority of their US lands (some 300,000- plus acres) in Maine via GREAT NORTHWOODS LLC. The McDonalds also own more than 100,000 acres in their home state as well as additional properties in Florida and in Oklahoma. The McDonalds have diversified interests in timber, sand and gravel, oil and gas, commercial real estate, and the hospitality industry. 21/ Holland Ware 534,900 ACRES A descendant of pioneering Georgians, the 81-year-old has accumulated substantial interests in Southern timberland spread across several states. Ware has transferred a considerable portion of his ownership interests to the HOLLAND M. WARE CHARITABLE FOUNDATION, which supports cancer research and the humane treatment of animals. 22/ Westervelt Heirs 518,000 ACRES In 1884, the Prairie States Paper Company was founded by Herbert Westervelt, a talented innovator who patented the self-opening paper bag machine. His descendants' WESTERVELT COMPANY is based in Tuscaloosa and operates in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Divisions include Westervelt Lumber, Westervelt Renewable Energy, Westervelt Wildlife Services, Westervelt Natural Resources, Westervelt Communities, and Westervelt Ecological Services. 23/ D.R. Horton 503,000 ACRES The chairman of the country's leading home builder, Don Horton has snapped up several marquee ranching operations, including New Mexico's 292,779-acre GREAT WESTERN RANCH. Each summer, he hosts hundreds of his employees' children, grandchildren, foster children, and nieces and nephews at 25/ Simplot Family 443,091 ACRES Jack Simplot (1909–2008) was no ordinary potato farmer. In 1967, the Iowa native struck a deal with McDonald's CEO Ray Kroc to supply the fast-food giant with frozen french fries. With that single transaction, Boise-based J.R. SIMPLOT CO. went from supplying a fraction of McDonald's spuds to prepping the lion's share of one of America's favorite guilty pleasures. Simplot's heirs oversee a $2.5 billion agricultural operation with interests in farming, ranching and cattle production, food processing, phosphate mining, fertilizer manufacturing, and other endeavors. 26/ Fisher Family 440,000 ACRES Gap cofounders Donald and Doris Fisher developed the Mendocino family of companies to manage their California timberlands: MENDOCINO REDWOOD COMPANY and Pacific Lumber, now known as HUMBOLDT REDWOOD. The Fisher family recently funded a $400,000 matching challenge to support long-term community restoration for youth, the elderly, educators, emergency workers, and animals impacted by fires in Mendocino and Sonoma counties. In addition to matching donations up to $400,000, the family is covering all related administrative costs. ONE OF A KIND The life and times of J.R. Simplot easily outdo any Horatio Alger story. 114 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | WINTER 20 18

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