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100 e Land Report Prescription Services. His timing couldn't have been better. As healthcare grew into a multi-billion-dollar industry, Sav-Rx enjoyed exponential growth. BARTA CATTLE COMPANY is based in the Cornhusker State with additional acreage in Southeast Oregon as well as several Nevada properties. 40/ Bass Family 285,000 ACRES In 2017, ExxonMobil paid the Bass family close to $6 billion for 275,000 acres of leasehold in Texas's Permian basin. Sid, Ed, Robert, and Lee Bass, the four great-nephews of wildcatter Sid Richardson (1891 —1959), have long owned SAN JOSE CATTLE COMPANY along with significant ranchland throughout the Lone Star State. Closer to home, Ed is spearheading the development of the $540 million Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, which is scheduled to open in November 2019. 41/ Collier Family 280,000 ACRES Land development, agriculture (citrus, sod, vegetables), and mineral management remain the mainstay of the heirs of Barron Gift Collier (1873–1939), Florida's largest landowner at the time of his death. In May, Barron Collier III stepped down as chairman of the board of Barron Collier Company. "Ensuring our grandfather's legacy and the story is unlike any we've witnessed at The Magazine of the American Landowner. In the mid-twentieth century, David Robinson and David Freed co-owned the 200,000- acre DESERET LAND AND LIVESTOCK RANCH with Ken Garff. After exiting Deseret Land and Livestock at a profit, the Robinson and Freed families threw in on another ranch together. And another. Today, their ENSIGN GROUP holds grazing permits on more than 1 million acres of private and public lands and runs about 11,000 mother cows. In the words of Ensign CEO Chris Robinson, "It's all about the buy side. If you buy a ranch right, it works. Our ranches hold their value. They appreciate. And they give us the opportunity to create long-term value by developing them and enhancing their efficiencies to their full operating potential." While continuing to grow wheat, sorghum, corn, and sunflowers on acreage in New Mexico, Kansas, and Texas, Soloviev currently spends his days working on father-son projects such as 685 First Avenue, a Richard Meier- designed Midtown high-rise. 34/ Collins Family 311,395 ACRES Truman "T.D." Collins (1831– 1914) found his calling as a tree man before the Civil War and ultimately became the largest private landowner in Pennsylvania. Property in the Allegheny Mountains accounts for about one-third of the family's acreage, while the pine-rich COLLINS ALMANOR FOREST in California's Sierra Nevadas totals some 94,000 acres. The COLLINS LAKEVIEW FOREST, which includes nearly 100,000 acres, straddles California's Modoc County and Oregon's Lake and Klamath counties. 35/ Shannon Kizer 302,000 ACRES This Eastern New Mexico rancher has diversified interests and holdings in five states: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Kizer grows corn, hay, peanuts, and wheat, and operates a substantial dairy cattle business. 36/ Robinson & Freed Families 300,000 ACRES NEW TO LR 100 Two Utah families. Six Western ranches. A thriving partnership that dates back to the mid-twentieth century. This remarkable 37/ Mike Smith 295,980 ACRES 12,386 ACRES Amarillo-based Mike Smith recently acquired the 11,830- acre BROSECO RANCH in the northeast corner of Texas. Renowned for its Red Angus herd, Broseco boasts a pair of 100-acre lakes, an additional 8-acre lake, 40 ponds and tanks, 3,200 acres of wildlife habitat, a 6,600-square-foot lodge, plus six additional homes. Tom Felton represented Smith in the acquisition. 38/ Llano Partners 295,000 ACRES While overseeing farm and ranch operations in Texas, New Mexico, and Florida, Hughes Abell also steers family investments in oil and gas, commercial real estate, and timber under the banner of Llano Partners, Ltd. Abell currently serves as first vice president of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, a 140-year-old trade group with a membership of more than 15,000 in Texas and Oklahoma. 39/ Barta Family 286,000 ACRES 37,000 ACRES A Nebraska native, Jim Barta got a pharmacy degree from the University of Nebraska, served in the Air Force, and then opened a drugstore that ultimately became Sav-Rx THE FOUR SIXES The 6666 Ranch stands some of the best-known stallions in the Quarter Horse industry. 118 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | WINTER 20 18

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