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100 e Land Report 66/ Cassidy Heirs 220,180 ACRES In his day, Irish immigrant John Cassidy ranked as a true lumber baron, thanks to his extensive timber holdings in Eastern Maine. At the time of his death in 1918, he was also an influential banker with shipping and mining interests. Although CASSIDY TIMBERLANDS has a small satellite operation in Florida today, most of the family's holdings are still in Maine. 64/ Bidegain Family 225,000 ACRES Phil Bidegain manages T4 CATTLE COMPANY, one of the larger ranches in New Mexico. Son Scott handles the cattle operation, which runs Hereford and Black Baldies. Scott's brother Donnie concentrates on corn production while overseeing the family farming operation. According to their mother, Laurie, the Quarter Horses that the family raises are not meant to be sold. Instead, they typically remain on the ranch to work the cattle. 62/ Louis Bacon 229,116 ACRES 1,016 ACRES 215,037 ACRES UNDER CONSERVATION EASEMENT With a focus on enhancing forest health, watershed integrity, coastal and species resilience, and marine protections, conservation philanthropist Louis Bacon directs his time and resources to science-based approaches for natural resource protection. By employing prescribed burning and thinning techniques in North Carolina, Colorado, and New Mexico, Bacon is working to promote healthy and sustainable forests and ensure clean water. THE MOORE CHARITABLE FOUNDATION, founded by Bacon in 1992, closely partners with groups such as The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and The National Audubon Society on regional conservation initiatives. Work in New Mexico includes improving watersheds through the Rio Grande Water Fund. In North Carolina, work is ongoing to restore and enhance longleaf pine habitat as well as to restore coastal habitats and address threats to the Cape Fear River. 63/ Brophy Family 228,273 ACRES NEW TO LR100 This family's AZTEC LAND AND CATTLE COMPANY dates back to 1884. In its heyday, the Northern Arizona ranch encompassed 1 million acres, which were acquired from the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad. Consequently, the acreage was laid out in the traditional checkerboard fashion of federal land grants. Over the years, Aztec's operating strategy has varied from running cattle to leasing pasturage to selling acreage. According to the company's website (, it is now consolidating and acquiring inholdings. 65/ Yates Family 224,000 ACRES 2,493 ACRES Located in East Texas, the 2,493-acre BAREFOOT RANCH in Henderson County is a far piece from the family's traditional New Mexico holdings. The $59.5 million listing now joins the historic OJO FELIZ RANCH, the ATARQUE LAND AND LIVESTOCK, the GATANO RANCH, and the CROSS D RANCHES in the Yates's portfolio. TRINCHERA BLANCA The Colorado ranch is the largest remaining portion of the million- acre Sangre de Cristo land grant. 126 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | WINTER 20 18

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