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P a u l Ta y l o r I I I , B r o k e r ( 8 6 6 ) 3 2 3 - 3 1 1 1 | PA U L @ R A N C H L I N E . C O M 7 2 0 E a s t C o l l e g e B o u l e v a r d R o s w e l l , N e w M e x i c o 8 8 2 0 1 H i d d e n L a k e s R a n c h 7882 Acres MOL LAS ANIMAS COUNTY, COLORADO | $14,000,000 The well kept secret of Southern Colorado hunting and recreational properties is rapidly getting out. The values are tremendous and the sporting opportunities seem limitless. Such is the case with the newly offered Hidden Lakes Ranch. Almost 8000 acres of some of the most productive and versatile mountain country on the market. The ranch can be described as a good surprise around every corner. Spring fed ponds are amazing along with the wildlife they attract. Quality Elk, Deer, Bear, Lion, Antelope and Turkey all reside across the ranch. The terrain can be described as multi-dimensional with approximately one third of the ranch in the wide open rolling terrain of Colorado, one third of the ranch of increased altitude bench country with open meadows full of grass and one third in the dark timber environment with all the forest has to offer. It is a year round property that can be enjoyed without interruption. No conservation easement exists on the ranch. It is up to you to maximize your use of the property based on your goals and objectives. The Hidden Lakes Ranch is a clean slate ready for you to make your dreams come true. Priced competitively in the market at $ 1,775.00 per acre and at such a price, not expected to be available long!

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