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A L W A Y S O N L I N E LAND REPORT EXCLUSIVE The Oracle of Oil himself, @BoonePickens, shares his decision on why he's selling his beloved Mesa Vista Ranch in the Texas Panhandle. "Years ago, at a high school commencement speech for my grandson, I offered to trade the Mesa Vista (and my jet and my billion-dollar bank account) to any graduating senior. There was a catch. They got my ranch and the G-V and the money, but I got their future. Sounds like a helluva deal, and it was. For me. "Today, however, trading my ranch is off the table. But selling it is not. I'm officially putting it on the market. "Asking price: $250 million." A HALF-CENTURY That's how long T. Boone Pickens has been improving and perfecting his beloved Mesa Vista Ranch. W YMAN M EI NZER OUR INVESTING ISSUE Inside Land Report's Investing Issue, we take a look at two completely different strategies: one built on blood, sweat, and salt, and the other based on speculation and greed. Guess which one lost $100 million? Watch interviews with some of AMERICA'S MOST FAMOUS LANDOWNERS, including Tom Brokaw, Nolan Ryan, and Francis Ford Coppola. Browse more than 40,000 LAND LISTINGS from across the country. Find exclusive NEWS, TIPS, AND VITAL INFORMATION for landowners. Search the ARCHIVES OF EVERY ISSUE of e Land Report. P L U S : EXCLUSIVE WEB-ONLY CONTENT, including photos and videos. THE LAND REPORT 100, a listing of the nation's largest landowners. CONTINUOUS UPDATES from media outlets around the country on news that affects you, the landowner. POLITICAL ISSUES from eminent domain to water and wolves. Commentary on the trends, events, and issues that shape the landscape of AMERICA'S 2.3 BILLION ACRES. W W W . L A N D R E P O R T . C O M | F A L L 2 0 1 8 T H E M A G A Z I N E O F T H E A M E R I C A N L A N D O W N E R $15 Investing Issue A Tale of Two Strategies: One Built on Blood, Sweat, and Salt; The Other On Speculation and Greed. Guess Which One Lost $100 Million? FA R M L A N D Bill Gates Invests $171 Million in Washington R A N C H L A N D Florida's El Maximo Sells for $136.5 million M A R K E T I N G Mort Fleischer Selling Two Ranches in One Deal Plus: The Teichert-Coddingtons Greene Prairie Farm Greene County, Alabama 21 L ANDREP ORT.COM WINTER 20 18 | e LandReport

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