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'America the Beautiful' is much more than a patriotic song. It's every hillside, mountain, valley, trickling creek and roaring river. It's mile-long meadows of cows and horses grazing under bluebird skies. We are so fortunate as Americans to live in such a beautiful country, and it's our duty to protect these natural wonders. Whether you own land or aspire to, you are likely part of a community that lives and breathes the great outdoors – hunting, fishing, farming, conservation, environmental stewardship – all of the things that make land so meaningful. Land gives us grit and it gives us memories, along with a legacy to pass on to future generations. Land ownership is a spirited endeavor, and one to be very proud of. And that's why everyone in the LandLeader community far and wide embodies that spirit. I have the distinct honor and privilege of working alongside real estate professionals who are beyond passionate about farm, ranch, plantation and recreational land. Learning each unique story about the lands we work with, stories from the landowners themselves that are full of history, hard work and character, is truly a fulfilling experience. From farmers, to ranchers and to those who simply enjoy the great outdoors, the draw of the land is strong and unwavering. If you're reading this, you surely know that the LandLeader family is special. Each member has a true love and knowledge of the great outdoors and all that it off ers. No matter your pursuit, no matter your goals, we are here to help you find your perfect property. We encourage you to reach out to our members and share your passion for the land. We love hearing the stories that make land so special. Pat Doyle Managing Director LandLeader FROM THE DIRECTOR OF LANDLEADER L VIEW THOUSANDS OF PROPERTIES AT WWW.LANDLEADER.COM Letter

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