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The Magazine of the American Landowner is an essential guide for investors, landowners, and those interested in buying or selling land. The award-winning quarterly is known for its annual survey of America's largest landowners, The Land Report 100.

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POST AT AGE 13, my father started selling with my grandfather at auctions. To say that Dad was a natural is an understate- ment. At age 27, he beat out 98 callers to take the top prize at the Indiana Auctioneer's Contest. roughout his career, he pioneered new techniques, honed novel strategies, and built key relationships. Ultimately, he joined the rarified ranks of the most successful auctioneers in American his- tory. Yet to categorize him solely as an innovator is to overlook an important element of Dad's story. My father cared. He approached every sale with the same desire to help the client, whether it was a $50,000 sale or a $50 million sale. He knew that it was often a client's life savings. With that, he poured a lot of energy into doing everything he could to serve them. And he wanted to do it with the utmost of professionalism. Armed with an MBA in Real Estate Administration from Indiana University, Dad channeled his marketing skills into an ambitious expansion of the family business. He weathered the farmland crisis of the 1980s by courting insti- tutional investors. He created the M3 System for selling multi-tract real estate, a complex approach to dividing prop- erties for sale that became an industry standard. Our family company thrived, with annual sales in recent years rang- ing from $200 to $250 million. FAMILY AFFAIR Rex and R.D. Schrader on the job. R.I.P. Rex Schrader is INDIANA AUCTIONEER put people first, and by doing so elevated his family's company to the industry's highest echelon. 14 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | AGRICULTURE 20 19

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