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Simeon State Historical Monu- ment opened to the public. Since then, the 165-room Hearst Castle has welcomed tens of millions of visitors to its 127 acres. Yet few realize that the surrounding ranchland is being nurtured and worked just as it was during W.R. Hearst's lifetime — and his father's. Says Steve Hearst, "We took the position that we're going to be in the cattle business for a long time. We've owned these ranches forever, and we plan to own them forever, so work- ing together with our partners at Whole Foods, we said, 'Look, if it comes down to protecting our resource, we may have to go with fewer head to you. But we'll do everything we can.' And I'll tell you the kind of partner that Whole Foods is. ey said, 'Show us the numbers.' And they're sharing in our pain a little bit, which was very helpful. ey are great partners to have. I have a world of respect for their team that we've been doing busi- ness with." Hearst Corporation is a global concern with immense reach: 24 daily newspapers and 60 weeklies; 25 magazine titles in the US and close to 300 over- seas; two radio stations and more than 30 television stations; and a myriad of interests in numerous other ventures. Yet one asset stands above all. Says Steve Hearst, "I think everybody around my board table — even though they're all talking about newspapers, mag- azines, broadcasts, and business publications, syndication, and so forth — they all understand that this property in San Simeon is the feeder route to the Hearst family history in California." TIMELESS LEGACY Steve Hearst spent five years forging the conservation easement that now protects Hearst Ranch's pastures as well as miles of pristine coastline. 45 L ANDREP ORT.COM AGRICULTURE 20 19 | e LandReport

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