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Editor's Note ERIC O'KEEFE ERI C O' KEEFE T he exploits and achievements of one T.D. Kelsey — pictured here with the Official Photographer of the State of Texas, Wyman Meinzer — are beyond the realm of anything you can possibly imagine. Here's a quick for instance. At the advanced age of 16, T.D. traded three rifles for his first plane. Could he fly it? No. Fortunately, an uncle taught him. In a single morning. at's it. No homework. No class time. No cross country requirement. Just "this is how you do it. Got it?" e teenager subsequently flew himself home the several hundred miles from Blackfoot, Idaho, to Bozeman, Montana. Five years later, United Airlines offered him a job in the cockpit. But there was a catch: First, he had to turn 21. Only then could he fly legally. When it comes to his great friend T.D., Herbert Allen Jr. may have put it best: "I've never met anyone like him." Rest assured — neither have you. Way Out West In Texas, they call it the BIG COUNTRY because no other region can corral larger-than-life characters such as these two. MYTHIC Our cover story will remind you that life's limits are truly self-imposed. 16 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | TEX AS 20 19

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