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e King Ranch Quarter Horse team immediately got to work stabling their horses and grooming them for the dem- onstration. I spent my time between the arena and the sta- bles, exploring the grounds and observing all the participants as they prepared for the demon- stration on the Friday prior to Saturday's sale. e bright red of the Four Sixes Ranch saddle blankets and shirts was plainly visible, and plenty of Four Sixes cowboys were assisting attendees. Although the King Ranch Quarter Horse team is only three people strong, they are a well-oiled machine and seamlessly rotate in and out of responsibilities and tasks. James, Henny, and Lee Roy all have to be salesmen, riders, train- ers, King Ranch historians, and representatives. e demonstration day gave them a chance to shine. When they weren't in the arena, Henny and Lee Roy were field- ing questions from excited participants. e response to King Ranch's involvement in this year's sale was amazing. Lee Roy was quick to offer any inquiring minds a tour of the "World's Famous King Ranch" if they ever found themselves in Kingsville. The bright red of the Four Sixes Ranch saddle blankets and shirts was plainly visible ... THE FRIENDS It didn't take me long to figure out that if you're into Quarter Horses, you're at this sale. So are your friends. So are their friends. It's that simple. THE HORSEMEN My cousin James Clement III (right) runs the Quarter Horse Division at King Ranch. Dr. Jim Heird (left) was president of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) at the time of the sale. 72 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | TEX AS 20 19

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