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Editor's Note ERIC O'KEEFE As our DEAL OF THE YEAR honorees prove, persistence not only pays o. It's mandatory. O ne of the essential attributes of land is that it requires so much patience. Farmers and foresters and ranchers know this all too well, but land's productive properties are actually not what I'm referring to. What I gleaned from the voices in this issue is just how long the right piece of property requires to develop its highest and best use. Time and again, this chronology covers decades, not years. Weidert Farm, for instance, took a half-century to assemble and to perfect, and that includes acreage, infrastructure, and the all-important water rights. •e current iteration of Cabin Blu• dates back to the 1920s. •e very ƒrst? To the 1820s. Dick Bass and Earl Holding didn't live to see their dream of turning Wasatch Peaks Ranch into a world-class ski mountain. But their heirs and their partner and their brokers ensured that the special piece of property they assembled found a steward who shared their vision and will bring it to life. It's backstories like this that make what you are about to read all the more impressive. e Long Haul GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME And the best things? Just wait and see. 16 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | SPRING 20 19

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