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POST AUSTIN M c CLOUD had the horsepower to do whatever he wanted to do in life. Fortunately, for the citizens of Texas and those who work in the legal pro- fession, he chose to spend his career as a lawyer, trial court judge, appellate court chief justice, and mediator. Like so many other lawyers and judges who crossed Austin's path over the years, I regarded him as a father •gure and mentor. Since he and Mary Anne were friends of my parents and my Uncle Charles and Aunt June, I •rst met Austin when I was four years old. ‚us, for over 60 years, he was there to counsel, advise, and encourage me whenever the need to talk through a sit- uation arose, regardless of whether the subject at hand was the challenge of law school, the cycles of private law practice, a tricky legal issue in need of analysis, or •nding a way to stop the bleeding and get a lawsuit settled. Austin knew he was blessed. He had a dynamic wife in Mary Anne; lovely daughters in Melinda and Sharon; an abundance of loving grandchildren; good friends everywhere he went; a vocation that was truly his calling; a landmark home with a big yard where is esteemed jurist and his family turned a stretch of pasture on the LAZY 3 RANCH into a nationally known fundraiser. ˆ‰Š‹ŒŽ ' ' ""•‰– (˜™š™–šœ˜ž) RIP Austin M c Cloud CO U RTE SY O F TH E M c CLO U D FAM I LY 18 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | SPRING 20 19

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