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POLO ON THE PRAIRIE One of the countless causes the McClouds championed was Polo on the Prairie. Since 1987, the fundraiser has raised more than $7.6 million for patient care, research, and education initiatives at Houston's MD Anderson Cancer Center. he liked to work on weekends; good health until his nal year; and high intellectual and emotional intelli- gence that made him rst a ne lawyer and then a highly esteemed judge and mediator. What separated Austin M c Cloud from the pack was his humility, his warm heart, his generosity of spirit, his love of people, and his joy for living. His being recognized as one of the greatest appellate judges in Texas history never went to his head. His vast network of highly in uential friends never kept him from reaching out to anyone in need of his counsel. His decades of philanthropic leadership for M.D. Anderson Hospital with Polo on the Prairie brought in millions of dollars to help wage war on cancer and fullled his mission of giving back to society as a means of thanking God for his many blessings. Above all, as his fellow justices on the Eastland Court of Appeals so eloquently eulogized at his memorial service in December, Austin gave the world his smile, his laugh, his wisdom, and his empathy. …at is why those who loved him, respected him, and had the good fortune to work with him joined together in June 2017 to dedicate the Austin M c Cloud Appellate Court Museum on the square in downtown Eastland, Texas. And that is why his fellow lawyers and jurists will always regard Judge McCloud as the Atticus Finch of Texas. Sincerely, Talmage Boston, J.D. Ž''''", "•–'" M D AN D ERSO N CAN CER CENTER 19 L ANDREP ORT.COM SPRING 20 19 | e LandReport

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