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DEALS OF /THEYEAR Conservation Conservationists, public lands advocates, and outdoor enthu- siasts let out a big sigh of relief, as one of Georgia's primo tracts of land — one that encapsulates much of what initially drew visitors to the Coastal South — was preserved. e Nature Conservancy has mapped out the at-risk animal species that exist in and around Cabin Blu•, including a signi•cant gopher tortoise population, which is considered a keystone spe- cies due to the fact that their burrows provide shelter for 360-plus other animal species. Others include the wood stork, Eastern indigo snake, shortnose and Atlantic sturgeon, manatee, striped newt, tri-color bat, and American oystercatcher. ey have also listed the longleaf pine, maritime forests, and South Atlantic coastal non- riverine swamp forest as at-risk ecosystems on the land. To date, the land is closed to the public while the Nature Conservancy plots out a plan for the future of Cabin Blu•, one that involves a comprehen- sive conservation strategy with the potential for some compo- nent of public access. With the infrastructure in place, another possible scenario would return Cabin Blu• to its historic legacy as a world-class hunting and •shing club. "It's such a beautiful place, and we're proud to have played a role in conserving this incred- ible ecology," says Burt. "is type of project really showcases LandVest's unique expertise to bring complex conservation deals to life. We have worked with e Nature Conservancy on numerous deals across the country and know them to be extremely capable at accom- plishing big things. Cabin Blu• is another example of that." WET A HOOK Sea trout, shark, redfish, and red snapper (shown here) are just a few of the game fish pursued by anglers. EASTERN WILD TURKEY This prolific species is one of the many game birds that thrive at the sanctuary. 80 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | SPRING 20 19

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