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DEALS OF /THEYEAR Auction W hen Peoples Com- pany auctioneer Jared Chambers was presented with the task of publicizing an impending auc- tion of two ranches totaling more than 8,000 acres across two counties in Western South Dakota, he developed a market- ing campaign that extended far beyond the state lines. Over the next two months, Peoples Company direct mailed 4,000 postcards to landowners nationwide; created two news releases, three promotional videos, a 16-page brochure, and a 75-page information booklet; and advertised the auction in national magazines, on radio, and via every imaginable social media platform. "We didn't just hang a sign and put a small ad in the local newspaper and hope for the best," Chambers recalls. "We covered every aspect in detail. We really dove into every angle of the sorts of buyers who would be interested in this type of property, and how to reach them. We targeted prospects at a national level." As a result of this massive eŠort, a noisy crowd of more than 200 jam-packed the Faith Community Center for the June 7th auction. Months of toil and worry paid oŠ when all 've tracts of land – which included ample water sources, working cattle facilities, mineral rights, and a total of four homes – sold at projected prices. Chambers's marketing eŠort was so successful that the auction was honored as the Auction Marketing Campaign of the Year by the National Auctioneers Association (NAA). —e selection marks the second consecutive year that Peoples Company has won the award, but it was a 'rst for Chambers. "In our industry, winning this award is what you desire to do. It's the granddaddy of them all," Chambers says. "It's been my goal for several years." — Cary Estes Western South Dakota Auction AWARD-WINNING CAMPAIGN The National Auctioneers Association honored Peoples Company's marketing prowess for the second consecutive year. Perkins & Meade Counties SOUTH DAKOTA SELLERS Triple R Ranch Lyle & Rhonda Rowen Faith, South Dakota AUCTIONEER Jared Chambers, CAI Adam Curran, REALTOR ® PEO PLE S CO M PANY 2 0 18 A U C T I O N DEAL OF /THE YEAR 92 L ANDREP ORT.COM e LandReport | SPRING 20 19

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