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Summer 2014

The Magazine of the American Landowner is an essential guide for investors, landowners, and those interested in buying or selling land. The award-winning quarterly is known for its annual survey of America's largest landowners, The Land Report 100.

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10 The LandReport | S U M M E R 20 1 4 LANDREPORT.COM L et's start at the top. Yes, that is a picture of yours truly extolling the accomplishments of that visionary landowner Clint Eastwood. But I'm quite confident you'll never guess where I was speaking: Canada. I invite you to learn more about the Urban Land Institute's informative Large Landowners Forum on pages 30 and 31. Now flip to pages 19 and 20. Why the cameo by two fat happy cows lounging on the Isle of Skye? Because much of our legal heritage can be traced back to the British Isles, which is why I felt it worthwhile to share with you news of a startling development in Scotland. Malcolm Forbes was a man of many talents, but were you aware that he was once Colorado's largest landowner? Our thanks go out to the Forbes family for opening up their archives and sharing this compelling story, which starts on page 96. One final point. Want to get a quick take on market trends nationwide? Turn to page 70 and read our Best Brokerages roundup from stem to stern. Then do what I did: read it again! We take pride in sharing the stories of land and landowners. At Home & Abroad E r i c O' K e e f e Editor's Note 10 [2014.2] Editors Note_Layout 1 6/1/14 7:23 AM Page 10

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