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Summer 2014

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THE LAND REPORT 2013 DEAL OF THE YEAR T he Natural Bridge sale truly was a great thing not only for Virginians but for citizens from all places. It was the per- fect deal on the perfect property. Interest and support continues to grow to get the property into the Virginia park system as soon as possible. Articles like yours have turned up the dialogue from folks across the country wanting to help or just taking note of the exciting deal that was made. Your magazine is known as the leader in the land business and is respected for its accurate and fulfilling stories of peo- ple and places that matter, stories of peo- ple that have a passion for land and the deep-seated desire to make sure it is left to those that will love it as they do. Each of your issues seems to leave one with a connection to the dirt and the people who care for it. Thank you sincerely for writing the article and, by doing so, honoring such a wonderful man trying to do a great deed for his country. Jim Woltz President, Woltz & Associates Inc. Roanoke, Virginia Henry Chappell responds: It was an honor to recognize Angelo Puglisi's accomplishments and his gift to his country, as well as Jim Woltz's resourcefulness in seeing this incredibly complicated deal to completion. — HC C ame home tired. Was content to peruse The Land Report. It's always a pleasure to gaze at the beautiful photos. After reading your editor's remarks, I went to the article on the rock bridge. Really enjoyed it. I loved the way it covered so many aspects, especially its focus on the heritage. Will get to the next one tomorrow. Marguerite Ampel Phoenicia, New York 12 The LandReport | S U M M E R 20 1 4 LANDREPORT.COM CO N V E R S AT I O N Big Deal! "I t was the per f ect deal on the perf ect pr operty." High praise for the noblest of gifts, the donation of the Natural Bridge of Virginia to the Commonwealth. Interested in joining the Conversation? Engage The Land Report on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Or join our LinkedIn Group. 12 [2014.2] Conversation_Layout 1 6/1/14 8:17 PM Page 12

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