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Summer 2014

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S U M M E R 20 1 4 | The LandReport 19 LANDREPORT.COM FrontGate P O L I T I C S P O L I T I C S | A U C T I O N B LO C K | L A N D ' S B E S T F R I E N D | TO P T E N | I N V E S T I N G | E V E N T S O n September 18, Scots will go to the polls to determine whether their homeland will become an independent country or remain a part of the United Kingdom. The implications of this historic referendum have dominated the press in Scotland, in England, and throughout the European Union to such an extent that other political activity emanating from Edinburgh has been largely overshadowed, including a recently completed report called The Land of Scotland and the Common Good. Commissioned in 2012 by the Scottish Government, the 263-page study, which is available at, contains an ominous recommendation, one that runs counter to the protections of the Magna Carta: "The Review Group considers that there should be an upper limit on the total amount of land in Scotland that can be held by a private land owner or single beneficial interest. The Group recommends that the Scottish Government should develop proposals to establish such a limit in law." Response to this scheme was roundly criticized by leading Conservatives. Upon publication, Scottish Tory Rural Affairs Spokesman Alex Fergusson MSP fired back, saying, "The recommendations that there should be a limit on how much land anyone can own coupled with the suggestion of a land tax will strike fear in the heart of every single land owning Scot, whether they own 10 acres or 10,000." Scotland to Limit Land Ownership? A recently released report commissioned by the Scottish Government recommends passage of laws limiting private ownership of land. SHUTTERSTOCK 19-20 [2014.2] FG Opener_Layout 1 6/1/14 7:25 AM Page 19

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