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Winter 2014

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10 The LandReport | W I N T E R 2 0 1 4 LANDREPORT.COM I n August, when news broke of the Waggoner coming to market, dozens of stories ran in publications that typically pay scant attention to land as an asset class. My favorite was one that ran in a national daily. The headline read, "Brokers Prep Giant Waggoner Farm for Sale." There's hope for us yet, I thought to myself. When Eddie and I launched this publication, we did so in part because most media didn't get this asset class. Eight years later, they still don't. Referring to this historic half-million-acre ranch as a farm is like calling ExxonMobil a gas station. Giving partial credit would be charitable. No one can tell the story of this great ranch better than us. Take a look at our stunning cover. Wyman Meinzer has been braving heat and cold and critters of all kinds to document the ways of the 3Ds for many moons. Read Henry Chappell's stirring account, "The Bold Brand." It's a matchless pairing, Henry's deft storytelling and Wyman's vivid photography. These two collaborated on the definitive account of the ranch, Under One Fence. That's right. We ran an excerpt from Under One Fence in our Winter 2010 issue. Readers will no doubt recognize the names of Sam Middleton and Bernie Uechtritz. Both have been featured in our pages on numerous occasions. Trust us to get this one right. There's one other reason Eddie and I founded The Land Report: We both believed there was an untapped market waiting to be served. As you can tell from the heft of this issue, our largest to date, there's hope for us yet. When big stories break, go to the source. Getting It Right E r i c O' K e e f e WYMAN MEINZER Editor's Note

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