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Winter 2014

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118 The LandReport | W I N T E R 2 0 1 4 LANDREPORT.COM The L and Report 100 Somebody had to do it! Credit Isaac Ellwood for paying Joseph Glidden $265 for a half-interest i n "barb wire." The two made a fortune fencing in the West. 83 | 81 | 84 | 84 | 86 | 87 | 88 | Ellwood Heirs 130,000 Acres Founder Isaac Ellwood was a patent holder for "barb wire." His Renderbrook Spade was one of the first ranches to be fenced in Texas. Today, the Renderbrook is joined by Wagon Creek Spade, Panhandle Spade, Borden Spade, North Spade, and Alpine Spade. Davis Heirs 127,500 acres In 1873, Frank Springer founded the CS Ranch, a New Mexico outfit that straddles the Cimarron cutoff on the Santa Fe Trail. Grandson Les Davis took the reins in 1947. To this day, the CS Cattle Company remains a family-owned operation, run by Les's widow, Linda, and their six children. Booth Family 125,000 acres Booth Land and Livestock Co. is a cow-calf operator with locations in both Colorado and Wyoming. The family is known for its forward-thinking wildlife management. Brite Heirs 125,000 acres Lucas Charles Brite established his Bar Cross brand at the foot of Presidio County's Capote Mountain in Far West Texas. Today, the fourth generation of the family oversees Brite Ranch operations, including the sale of line-bred Herefords and a hunting program. Reese Family 122,200 acres In 1914, the original Reese homestead was just a half-section (320 acres). In 2014, the family's Rockin' 7 Ranch in Wyoming celebrated its centennial. "But we didn't stop working long enough to celebrate our 100th," says Brad Reese. Milliken Family 119,500 acres Roger Milliken Jr. is president of the family's Baskahegan Company, which owns and manages more than 100,000 acres of Maine timberland. He also serves on the board of Milliken & Co., a South Carolina-based textiles and chemicals empire cofounded in 1865 by his great-grandfather Seth Milliken. In October 2008, he was named chairman of The Nature Conservancy's board of directors. Says Roger, "A healthy forest is an essential foundation for a financially healthy company." Roxanne Quimby 119,000 acres In 1975, 24-year-old Roxanne Quimby, a Massachusetts native with an art degree, arrived in the North Woods of Maine in a VW van. She and her boyfriend had driven from California to homestead 30 acres on the edge of the largest expanse of wilderness east of the Mississippi. Nine years later, Quimby entered into a collaboration with a beekeeper named Burt Shavitz. The rest is history. After selling Burt's Bees to the Clorox Company for $350 million, Quimby used the proceeds to buy huge swaths of Maine woodlands. She and her son are currently campaigning to donate more than 100,000 acres to create two new parks. No. 81

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