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Winter 2014

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"While I was practicing orthopaedic surgery, I only made it out to Gualala about once a year," Ollie says. "My management firm, Delta Pacific, Inc., has outstanding foresters, and I meet by phone with my senior forester usually each week." Even if he wasn't there in person, the redwoods were always on his mind. "My wife thinks of Gualala Redwoods as more of a mistress," Ollie says. "It's something I feel extremely passionate about." Every year, Ollie and his foresters tour Gualala Redwoods by helicopter. "We pay particular attention to our harvested areas. It's amazing to me how fast the trees in these plantations grow, and how well stocked and green the harvested areas are," he says. Balancing timber management and the environment is a trait passed down from father to son. "We make the forest better than when we harvested trees," Ollie says. "The redwood stumps sprout new growth. We also interplant, cultivating seedlings from the best trees on the property and increasing the stocking per acre. We grow more volume of trees than we harvest annually." Well-maintained roads diminish sediment runoff and keep surrounding streams and rivers healthy and clear. Cull logs placed in waterways enhance fisheries. Thanks to these efforts, and many others, Gualala Redwoods was honored when the Gualala River Watershed Council received the first annual Watershed Stewardship Award from the 66 The LandReport | W I N T E R 2 0 1 4 LANDREPORT.COM ABOVE: Like the trees they have nurtured, Jane and Ollie's roots run deep at Gualala. TOP: Aquatic life thrives around cull logs. OPPOSITE: Along the coastline, two seas meet: an ocean of redwoods and the vast Pacific.

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