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! '$"%(•( &&&""# • •#•#!#••)••$ ••'"•••)••••• D e s c r i p t i ve b r o c h u r e s av a i l a b l e o n a l l p r o p e r t i e s . Las Animas County, Colorado Ranch Baca County, Colorado and Cimarron County, Oklahoma Ranch Northeastern New Mexico Ranch 21,955 deeded acres, more or less, located east of Trinidad, Colorado. This ranch has been under the same family ownership for over 100 years and this is the first time the property has ever been offered for sale. The ter- rain is diverse, ranging from scenic live water creek bot- toms and gently rolling prairie lands to elevated timbered mesa side slopes. The ranch has an abundance of live water and other water sources. Good populations of ante- lope are found in the plains country, with mule deer, turkey and elk common in the more protected areas of the ranch. Bear and lion are also sighted on occasion. This scenic and p roductive ranch is realistically offered at $425 per acre. 20,790 deeded acres, more or less plus 962 acres of state lease. This ranch is located in extreme southeast Colorado, with a small portion of the south end of the ranch extending into the Western Oklahoma Panhandle. Approximately one-third of the ranch is gently rolling to hilly open prairie land. The remainder of the property has a more broken canyon-like terrain. Juniper and piñion are found in the rougher portions of the ranch, principally along ridge lines and steep mesa side slopes. Mature Cot- tonwood trees are common in the major canyon creek bot- tom drainages. Colorful sandstone rock outcrops add to the beauty of the rugged canyon country. The property is watered by wells and numerous springs located in header canyons and creek bottom areas. Headquarter improve- ments include a two-story ranch home, outbuildings and shipping pens. The sportsman will appreciate the quality of the mule deer and elk are also becoming fairly common. Other game includes Big Horn Mountain Sheep, turkey and an occasional lion or bear. This ranch is reasonably offered at $475 per deeded acre. 30,010 total acres comprised of 18,000 deeded acres and 12,010 acres of New Mexico State Lease. This working cattle ranch has been under the same family ownership for over 100 years and this is the first time the property has been offered for sale. The terrain on 75% - 80% of the ranch is rolling grama grass prairies, with the remainder of the ranch being rugged canyon ridges/rim rocks descending to deep canyon bot- toms. The canyon country has scenic exposed rock outcrop- pings with moderate to sometimes dense canopies of juniper, sumac, oak, piñion and scattered Ponderosa pine. The canyon areas offer good cover for wildlife and afford ex- cellent winter protection for livestock. The property is wa- tered by live springs and creeks, earthen tanks, seasonal natural lakes and water wells. This long term operating ranch is offered at $450 per deeded acre and the sub- stantial New Mexico Lease will transfer to the purchaser.

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