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SPR 2012

The Magazine of the American Landowner is an essential guide for investors, landowners, and those interested in buying or selling land. The award-winning quarterly is known for its annual survey of America's largest landowners, The Land Report 100.

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4 The LandReport | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 Contents PP ee tt ee NN ee vv ii nn ,, RR ee aa ll tt oo rr KK aa tt hh yy CC oo uu rr tt nn ee yy ,, RR ee aa l tt oo rr 775-829-2122 866-353-5958 ww ww ww .. FF aa r WW ee ss tt RR ee aa l EE ss tt aa tt ee .. cc oo mm L oo ww ee rr RR ee ee ss ee RR ii vv ee rr VV aa ll ll ee yy ,, NN ee vv aa dd aa 38 Contiguous Parcels 23,729+ Acres $3,500,000 LL oo vv ee ll oo cc kk ,, NN ee vv aa d a 5,080 Deeded Acres $575,000 Departments 6 Editor's Note Why the Deal of the Year? by ERIC O'KEEFE 12 Market Watch National News Roundup by STEPHEN O'KEEFE, CFA 15 Front Gate Media | Auction Block | LandÕs Best Friend | Land Report Top Ten | Investing 30 Vistas The magazineÕs editors showcase the top listings on the market today. 68 Land Report 100er Louis Moore Bacon text by NANCY MYERS ON THE COVER: Bernard Uechtritz at Camp Cooley Ranch Photography by Gustav Schmiege III Features 42 Best Brokerages Presenting our second annual survey of AmericaÕs leading land brokers. by THE EDITORS 54 Against All Odds As angry creditors circled Camp Cooley, one man stepped up, derailed a court- ordered fire sale, and closed the deal of the year. A Land Report exclusive. by HENRY CHAPPELL photography by GUSTAV SCHMIEGE III FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES

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