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Spring 2015

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"We conducted a wide- ranging national search for the best broker to represent the McCoy-Remme family in this sale, inviting the finalists to travel the ranch with the owners. It was during that ride with James King that we realized his genuine appreciation for the range management that had allowed cowboys to maintain the herds during our low-mois- ture periods while discussing how he would highlight the value of the topography and the unique flora of the ranch. We never expected to find the best broker right there in Fort Davis," says John Meeks of McCoy Corporation. "The Rockpile Ranch fits into a larger conservation landscape of private landowners who want to keep sizable ranches from being subdivided," says King. "With patience and hard work by all, the ranch is now in the hands of the next generation of owners, and they have already begun the work of continuing to improve the wildlife and grazing resources that they inherited from years of out- standing management by the McCoy-Remme families." Adds Brian McCoy, "With our desire to keep the Rockpile intact, we were very excited to sell to the Davis family — an ideal owner. The Rockpile is such a beautiful ranch, espe- cially if it gets a little rain. My brother-in-law, Kaare Remme, co-owner and managing partner of McCoy-Remme Ranches, works hard to maintain excellent range conditions on all of our family properties." The Davis Mountains receive more rain than most expect. "If you see it after the rains, it turns into Ireland," says Michael Davis, who also credits James King with helping bring the deal to fruition. "I think he was instrumental." And because the right seller and the right buyer connected, the Rockpile remains much as it was in the 1800s: a true Texas working cattle ranch. "It's where cowboys come to work, still roping and dragging. Nothing has changed much in this vast mix of grasslands, mountains, cows, and wildlife," says King. "I'm honored to be part of the changing ownership and the legacy of the families at Rockpile Ranch and their commitment to the Davis Mountains." S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 | The LandReport 87 LANDREPORT.COM DEAL OF THE YEAR 2014 R A N C H L A N D Rockpile Ranch Texas Seller: McCoy-Remme Ranches Listing Agent: James King, King Land & Water Buyer: Davis Rockpile Ranch, LLC Buyer's Agent: James King, King Land & Water "The Rockpile fits into a larger conservation landscape of private landowners who want to keep sizable ranches from being subdivided. " — James King

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