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FALL 2015

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FA L L 2 0 1 5 | The LandReport 75 LANDREPORT.COM talent, decades of experience, and a naturalist's soul. Evidence of this came via Geococcyx californianus, the greater roadrunner. Wyman literally lived with roadrunners, capturing the birds' lives in some of the most arresting wildlife photos ever taken. "I found six pairs that would actually accept me as a friend and let me go on hunts with them. For weeks during nesting season, I would hunt with these birds and get up near their nests and give them grasshoppers. I could even reach in and pick up one female out of the nest. I basically became a six-foot- tall roadrunner," he says. A friend suggested Wyman develop a book proposal featuring roadrunners. He did so, and The Roadrunner was published in 1993 to wide acclaim from wildlife biologists and fellow photographers. Texas Tech University Press has never let it go out of print. B y the time I arrived in Benjamin at what I now refer to as the Meinzer Compound to meet with Wyman on the Four Sixes project, he had already been dubbed the State Photographer of Texas by Gov. George W. Bush. His CV included hundreds of cover shots and thousands of photo credits. Judith, our wise editor, had encouraged each of us to develop our individual visions of the Four Sixes. Then she and her editorial and design teams would weave together Wyman's photography and my essay. Even though we were several months into the project, our paths crossed on the Sixes only once. Meinzer is proclaimed the State Photographer of Texas by its 46th Governor, George W. Bush.

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