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76 The LandReport | FA L L 2 0 1 5 LANDREPORT.COM F or the life of me, I can't remember why we thought a meeting necessary, but meet w e did. Sylinda invited me in and said she'd have to find Wyman. Directly, I heard, "Wyman, get these traps out of the middle of my floor and go put t hem in the jail!" As I soon learned, one of the key features of the Meinzer Compound was the original Knox County Jail, which dates back to 1887. Wyman bought it decades ago. Nowadays, he stores everything from old photos to unruly guests out back. He and I spent the next few hours talking about guns, traps, buffalo hunters, and the 1841 Texas–Santa Fe Expedition. Soon it was time to run to Knox City for lunch. That afternoon, about an hour before I needed to get back on the road to Dallas, Wyman began our "meeting" by tossing two slides on his light table. "Which one you like best?" he asked. Both were gorgeous shots of cottonwoods along Dixon Creek. Not wanting to seem dense, I picked one. Wyman said, "All right then." He nearly sent me into cardiac arrest when he ran his thumb through the other slide and tossed it into the trash can. We went through another dozen or so selections, each ending in the destruction of a slide I'd have been insufferably proud to have claimed as my own. In an instant, our conversation turned to rifle sights, and our project's only scheduled meeting concluded. Last I heard, 6666: Portrait of a Texas Ranch is Texas Tech University Press's all-time bestseller. C hafing at the financial limitations and artistic constraints in traditional publishing, the Meinzers founded their own publishing company, Badlands Design and Production, in 2007. One of Badlands' first books, Working Dogs of Texas, had Wyman and me hanging out with coonhounds, prison dogs, bomb Capturing light-filled moments such as this on the Four Sixes requires limitless patience and hours of persistence, traits Wyman developed as a youngster.

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