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sniffers, police dogs — nearly every imagina- ble type of canine with a job. On a bitter-cold, drizzly night in East Texas, Wyman lay on the wet ground for half an hour, shooting up at three coonhounds hammering on a huge loblolly pine that held an inconvenienced boar coon. While Big Wayne McCray tried to keep his headlamp trained on the action, our host, Donny Lynch, said, "I swear, old Wyman is working his ass off." The images just go on: Wyman atop a twenty-foot step ladder, shooting down at a snapping, snarling, leaping police dog; an airport beagle busting half a dozen Lufthansa passengers carrying banned fruit and meat in purses and backpacks; the two of us sloshing along a muddy ranch road after a day of hog hunting with blackmouth curs, Catahoulas, and pit bulls. Then we hear Sylinda's voice come in over the speaker: "Where are you, boys? It's wine time!" On a sweltering August afternoon in 2009, I arrived at the Compound and found two wolf pups cooling themselves in a water pan. A few days prior, a man had shown up with the wolf-husky hybrids and said if Wyman didn't take them, they'd be put down. "Wyman, what in the world are you going to do with these wolf pups?" I asked. He shrugged. "Just love 'em, I guess." We were about to start a book about the 535,000-acre Waggoner Ranch. Wyman had already been shooting the ranch for several months, and offered to spend a couple days showing me around. First things first though. The fire pit was almost ready for steaks. Around midnight, a few glasses of merlot to the good, I asked what time I should be up the next morning. Wyman said we'd sleep in and maybe head out a little later. 78 The LandReport | FA L L 2 0 1 5 LANDREPORT.COM ABOVE: Meinzer's softer side manifests itself in this photo with his own pups, Hunter and, in his lap, Pate. After feeding cattle on a cold winter morning, Bubba Withers enjoys a mirth-filled moment on the Four Sixes as chronicled in Working Dogs of Texas .

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