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FALL 2015

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to spend a few days without having to worry about photography. He'd left his tripods and big lenses at home. Of course, he'd brought a camera and a couple of lenses on the off chance he'd want to shoot a photo. When we pulled up to our cabin at Saddle- back Reservoir, Wyman said, "Will you look at the stars reflecting on that water." Before we could unload groceries, he was lying on the riprap dam. Sylinda and I stumbled about trying to steady his lens with an old saddle frame and a sofa cushion. He got his shot. Next morning at sunup, I woke to the sound of something large walking on the cabin roof. I considered downing a handful of maximum-strength extended-release something or the other and going back to sleep, but couldn't resist an opportunity to glimpse a Sasquatch or a bear. Sylinda greeted me at the coffeemaker. "Wyman just couldn't resist that view and this light." Of course, climbing onto cabin roofs and crawling on riprap comes with a price. Every night before bedtime, the cabin smelled of the horse liniment Wyman worked into his sore knee. Our current collaboration will be our best yet: a photo study of a giant ranch in South Texas, one even more mysterious and closed than the Waggoner. Blackbrush and mesquite hide stone ruins dating back to the Spanish colonial era. Troneras — gun ports cut into the thick caliche walls — speak of the Lipan Apache, bandits, and the old Comanche Trace crossing the Rio Grande above Laredo. I've watched Wyman crawl around fallen timbers and rusted, hand-forged square nails, mindful of rattlesnakes, determined to exploit the best light and angles. 82 The LandReport | FA L L 2 0 1 5 LANDREPORT.COM The hunting program on the Wagonhound features elk of unimaginable proportions. Numerous wolves have taught Meinzer to respect the rowdy creatures and their savvy ways.

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