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Summer 2016

The Magazine of the American Landowner is an essential guide for investors, landowners, and those interested in buying or selling land. The award-winning quarterly is known for its annual survey of America's largest landowners, The Land Report 100.

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S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 | The LandReport 27 LANDREPORT.COM *Not reported due to small sample size. SOURCE: Kansas City Fed Nonirrigated Irrigated Ranchland Kansas -8 -6 -3 Missouri -1 n/a* +2 Nebraska -2 -3 -2 Oklahoma -1 -10 -1 Mountain States -7 +13 +10 TENTH DISTRICT -4 -2 -1 Using responses from 213 banks, economists with the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank presented a survey of Agricultural Credit Conditions covering the first quarter of 2016. A selection of observations by some of these bankers follows: "Good quality land has still brought a premium at auctions. Marginal soil types have reduced in price or 'no sold' at auctions. Cash rents have remained steady." — Southeast Nebraska " L e v e r a g e d farmers are beginning to see their d e b t l o a d increase and becoming harder to manage." — Southeast Colorado " P r o d u c t i o n e x p e n s e s have not decreased in proportion to decreased m a r k e t p r i c e s ." — Southeast Colorado " D e b t repayment on real estate and equipment loans is a b i g p r o b l e m ." — Western Missouri " C o w - c a l f areas have plenty of m a r g i n after annual debt service and living costs." — Southeast Wyoming Read the complete report at . Farmland Value Gains By State

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