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Summer 2016

The Magazine of the American Landowner is an essential guide for investors, landowners, and those interested in buying or selling land. The award-winning quarterly is known for its annual survey of America's largest landowners, The Land Report 100.

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56 The LandReport | S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 LANDREPORT.COM LAND TABLE A lthough he once donned a chef 's jacket and has the requisite degree from the Culinary Institute of America, Jeremy Stanton no longer prepares classic French fare. Or Italian. Or Asian. Gone are the days when terms such as chef de cuisine and amuse- bouche pepper his conversation. Instead, Stanton has returned to his roots in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, a setting he informs me was considered America's bread basket during the colo- nial era. In the nineteenth century, sheep replaced wheat as Berkshire wool gained renown. Today, small farms and dairies dot the land once again. They are his larder, and their owners his collaborators. Stanton lionizes his vendors, a network of farmers, cattle raisers, cheese makers, and pork producers who share his commitment to nurturing the land traditionally. "They get so many pounds off such small tracts. And they don't take short cuts like using chemical fertilizers. They do things like compost excess waste," he says. The end result is a sophisticated form of foraging. "We just catered a wedding in Portland [Maine], and we sourced all the produce from within two miles of the venue," Stanton says. "You can sense the difference. It's more than just flavor. It's the land." can sense the difference. It's more than just flavor. It's the land." TO GUNNING FOR FLAVOR. For Stanton, the diversity of shape, size, and color in these beans and carrots is indicative of a soil's mineral content and other elements of the terroir. Just as importantly, these differences manifest themselves in distinct flavors.

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