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Summer 2017

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10 The LandReport | S U M M E R 2 0 1 7 LANDREPORT.COM J udging from the avalanche of interview transcripts stacked on my desk, budgeting only a dozen pages for a Ted Turner tribute ranks as one of the more egregious errors in the storied history of the Magazine of the American Landowner. That should have been apparent soon after I sat down with my first interviewee, T. Boone Pickens. I was cleared for 30 minutes. As it turned out, Boone raved about Ted and his ranches and his bird dogs for over an hour. Same song, second verse, with Taylor Glover. Turns out that 2x was the standard multiplier for requested interview time versus actual interview time. And then there was Mr. 3x, aka Tom Brokaw. I've always marveled at Tom's ability to take simple stories and turn them into teachable moments worthy of NBC Nightly News. And that's exactly what he did. Then again, that's what they all did — the material was just that good. For The Land Report, this is Eric O'Keefe. Editor's Note In Search of Ted E r i c O' K e e f e Editor & Broker SARAH GOODE So many anecdotes, so few pages.

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