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Winter 2017

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120 The LandReport | W I N T E R 2 0 1 7 LANDREPORT.COM Russell Gordy 212,000 acres up 55,000 acres Earlier this year, the native Houstonian was the subject of an extensive profile in the Wall Street Journal titled "Oilman Russell Gordy Has a $96 Million Collec- tion – of Ranches." Ee piece chronicled Gordy's ownership of 10 different ranches spread out across Texas and throughout the Northern Rockies. e Land Report identified additional acreage in Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Cocanougher Family 202,000 acres Daniel and Robert Cocanougher own nearly 150,000 acres in Texas with the balance of the acreage north of Fort Worth in Wise County. In addition to their ranches, farms, and feedlots, the brothers' interests include commercial real estate. Daniel was an early investor in Funimation Entertainment, one of the largest distributors of anime TV shows. John Ed Anthony 200,000 acres NEW TO LIST Eis South Arkansas family got its start in the timber industry more than a century ago with a single sawmill in Hopeville. Six generations later, current operations include two pine sawmills, two hardwood sawmills, a hardwood flooring plant, a wood-treating facility, and a hardwood mat facility. Eugene Gabrych 200,000 acres Ee jewel in the crown of California-based Gabrych, who owns property in Nevada as well, is the 18,200-acre Rock Springs Ranch and Lodge along the San Benito River. Tule elk, black-tailed deer, wild pigs, and valley quail share the property with cattle. Hunt Family 200,000 acres Hunt Oil Company traces its rise to the 1930s and the storied Daisy Bradford No. 3. Although H.L. Hunt focused on the East Texas Oilfield, his son Ray and Ray's family own and operate farms, ranches, and other landholdings in Arizona, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming via their family-owned Hoodoo Land and Cattle Company. Langdale Family 200,000 acres As early adopters of progressive steward- ship practices, the family's Georgia-based timber company has planted more trees than it has harvested during the last eight decades while also managing pine timber resources on 30-year rotations. Fourth- and fifth-generation family members oc- cupy the top slots of corporate leadership. Arthur Nicholas 200,000 acres up 55,898 acres Ee bulk of Nicholas's holdings can be found near Wyoming's Laramie Range, site of his Wagonhound Land & Livestock. Ee ranch takes its name from the luckless pioneers on the nearby Oregon Trail who broke their "hounds" connecting the tongue and the axle. At the 2016 AQHA Convention, the American Quarter Horse Foundation recognized Nicholas and his wife, Catherine, for their considerable support of scholarships, the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum, and other charitable endeavors. Skiles Family 195,000 acres Veterinarian Clifford Skiles Jr. set about amassing ranches and farms in Nebraska, Texas, and New Mexico, where he owns 10 ranches situated on more than 100,000 acres. In 2015, Dr. Skiles and son Trey were honored for their conservation practices on the Skiles Family Brazos River Farm, where they use pivot irrigation, recycle excess water, and regularly add gypsum to improve soil quality. 75 | 68 | 69 | 70 | 70 | 70 | No. 70 WYMAN MEINZER Land Report photographer Wyman Meinzer spied this bobcat while chronicling Wyoming's Wagonhound Land & Livestock for The Spirit of Wyoming . 70 | 70 | The Land Report 100

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