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Winter 2017

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W I N T E R 2 0 1 7 | The LandReport 13 LANDREPORT.COM e've got big news brewing at King Ranch. King Ranch is moving all three of our stallions to Burnett Ranches, which many of your readers will know as the 6666 or Four Sixes. We had two full seasons with Brazos Valley Stallion S tation and are honored to accept the 6666's invitation to stand with them. THE BOON (below) will be full service (cooled, frozen, on-farm, or shipped semen), and KINEÑOS MOON and MARSALA RED will be frozen only. This way, the latter two stallions can come back to King Ranch and be turned out on our King Ranch mares. There's an important reason for this move. It sits on my desk at Santa Gertrudis: a framed picture that shows my great-great-grandfather Robert Kleberg Sr. and 6666 founder Samuel Burk Burnett as fellow members of the Executive Committee of the Cattle Raisers Association of Texas (now known as the Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Association) in 1902 (bottom). Our families share much history, and we believe that building on this historic relationship adds significant value to our breeding operation. In addition to our stallions, the 6666 has invited King Ranch to be a guest at the Return to the Remuda Sale in 2018. We will be selling yearlings and two-year-olds, as well as a few broke older geldings. This will be the first time in eleven years that King Ranch has participated in a sale of this caliber, and we are very excited to take part. It also marks the first time that BOON babies will be sold by King Ranch. King Ranch Quarter Horses have also returned to the international breeding arena. Not only do we feel this is a great opportunity, but it is rewarding to talk to people around the world who worked with or for King Ranch overseas. It is now possible to breed to a King Ranch stallion in Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and most of Western Europe. Last month, King Ranch entered a three-year-old gelding at the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity for the first time in thirty years. His name is THE BOONS CAT (THE BOON X CATS AT THE MALL, HIGH BROW CAT), and he was the first BOON gelding to show in competi- tion. He was purchased by Heather Stiles at the Walton Sale the very same day we bought THE BOON. Heather started him and sold him to King Ranch. We sent him to Jesse Lennox to be trained. Duncan Steele-Park showed him in the Open and the Limited Classes at the Futurity. It was thrilling to see the Running W borne into competition on a horse Alice Walton bred, Heather Stiles started, and Jesse Lennox trained. Ms. Walton is a true friend of ours. Heather grew up on King Ranch while her dad managed the Quarter Horse program. Jesse Lennox rode THE BOON to all of his winnings. Trust me — it doesn't get any better than this. Lastly, in 2018, the King Ranch Museum in Kingsville will feature an exhibit on King Ranch Quarter Horses called "OLD SORREL to THE BOON: The History of King Ranch Quarter Horses." All of us at King Ranch invite you to visit the exhibit. I am a 6th-generation descendant of Captain Richard King and have been working at the Ranch for five years. It is my honor to continue our Ranch's legacy of breeding outstanding King Ranch Quarter Horses. Please feel free to follow our progress at THE BOON © WYMAN MEINZER CATTLE RAISERS COURTESY KING RANCH ARCHIVES, KING RANCH, INC., KINGSVILLE, TEXAS Sincerely, James Clement III Quarter Horse Division Manager King Ranch, Inc. Kingsville, Texas The 1902 Cattle Raisers' of Texas Executive Committee THE BOON

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