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Winter 2017

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24 The LandReport | W I N T E R 2 0 1 7 LANDREPORT.COM I n 1971, when I bought the first parcel of what would become the Mesa Vista, there was only one structure on it: a tiny metal building that was used to store blocks of cattle supplement that ranchers call cake. So we called it the Cake House. And when it got really cold or the wind picked up, I'd grab my bird dogs and we'd duck inside. We wouldn't get warm; we just weren't near as cold. A lot of things have changed since then. Ae Mesa Vista has grown from 2,940 acres to almost 65,000 acres. Aat's more than 100 square miles. And the accommodations we've built are first rate. Aere's the Lake House, a spectacular 12,000-square-foot getaway with 4,000 additional square feet of porches (above). With 33,000 square feet, the Lodge hosts much larger groups. It has a huge great room, an expansive media center, my library, and several dining options. Ae 6,000-square-foot Family House is com- pletely self-contained and is a short walk to the Lodge as is Ae Pub. Ae Gate House is a short drive away. My bird dogs are housed in a 12,000-square-foot kennel, and we built a 6,000-foot runway with its own 25,000-square-foot hangar. Aere's a lovely chapel that has a glorious view of the mesas and has seen marriages and, sadly, funerals. Staff housing is spread out all across the ranch. Some of the numbers associated with the improvements are substantial. Here's a for-instance: nearly 16,500 semi-loads of materials were required to construct the buildings I just mentioned. I person- ally directed the placement – or replace- ment – of 20,000-plus trees. Mesa Vista Ranch's unique combination of pristine prairie and world-class amenities have provided an unparalleled venue for some of our nation's most influential political and business leaders to share their insights on matters of critical importance to our times such as national security, economic policy, energy issues, and philanthropic investments. The Mesa Vista has been a labor of love that has occupied the better part of my life. And I intend for a lot more good to come from the sale of the ranch. To date, my charitable giving exceeds $1 billion. Much of the proceeds from the sale of my ranch will be directed to The T. Boone Pickens Foundation to fund a variety of philanthropic and charitable commitments. I see the marketing and sale of my beloved ranch as a new beginning – for the Mesa Vista's new owners, for the recipients of my charitable giving, and, yes, like it or not, for me. Hall and Hall Ranch Partners and Chas. S. Middleton and Son have been selected to represent T. Boone Pickens in the sale of the Mesa Vista Ranch. The two brokerages collaborated on the successful sale of the Waggoner Ranch in 2016. The Lake House is one of the many world-class improvements that have been built on the Mesa Vista. Crafted from Lueders limestone, it totals 12,000 square feet indoors and has 4,000 feet of porches and patios that offer stunning views of the Texas Panhandle in all directions. Monte Lyons of Hall and Hall Ranch Partners and Sam Middleton of Chas. S. Middleton and Son have been selected to represent T. Boone Pickens in the sale of the Mesa Vista Ranch. For additional information, go to: & THOMAS ROBERTS

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