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T E X A S 2 0 1 8 | The LandReport 19 LANDREPORT.COM FrontGate FO R S A L E FO R S A L E | E S S E N T I A L S | L I B R A RY | E V E N T S It's Time to Sell My Ranch By T. Boone Pickens WYMAN MEINZER DAY'S END. In 1971, the lifelong bird hunter bought the first 2,940-acre parcel that would become his beloved Mesa Vista. G rowing up in Holdenville, Oklahoma, I once walked five miles from town down to the banks of the Canadian River – and back – to earn a Boy Scout merit badge. Today, some 80 years later, that very same Canadian River remains a fixture in my life. It forms the northern boundary of my 65,000-acre Mesa Vista Ranch in the northeast corner of the Texas Panhandle. The ranch's name is a tribute to the stunning mesa views across the Canadian that signal the southern edge of the Great Plains. Years ago, at a high school commencement speech for my grandson, I offered to trade the Mesa Vista (and my jet and my billion-dollar bank account) to any graduating senior. ere was a catch. ey got my ranch and the G-V and the money, but I got their future. Sounds like a helluva deal, and it was. For me. Today, however, trading my ranch is off the table. But selling it is not. I'm officially putting it on the market. Asking price: $250 million. Selling the Mesa Vista is the prudent thing for an 89-year-old to do. It's time to get my life and my affairs in order. There are many reasons why the time is right for me to sell the Mesa Vista now, not the least of which is to ensure that one of the most magnificent properties in the world ends up in the hands of an individual or a group of buyers who share my conservation ethic.

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