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86 The LandReport | T E X A S 2 0 1 8 LANDREPORT.COM To his cache of Best guns (a term used to describe those crafted by London's finest gunmakers), Russell added exquisite shotguns and rifles handcrafted by Europe's elite makers. At any given time, some 800 of the world's finest firearms rest in the company's two vaults in Houston. Gordy & Sons constantly refreshes its inventory by acquiring guns from individual collections, at estate sales, and, as mentioned, directly from top gunmakers themselves. Nowadays, when aficionados want to sell world-class custom rifles and shotguns, their first call is to (713) 333-3474. "I put the finest guns in the world in those vaults," Russell says. "That's what distinguishes us from every other gun shop. There's no shortage of places that have fine guns. They just don't have our inventory. We're like the old Abercrombie & Fitch, but on steroids." Marc Newton, managing director at John Rigby & Co., agrees: "I've been very lucky to have visited gun stores all over the world. But Gordy & Sons is truly special. It is one of the best sporting outfitters in the world with its focus on high-end guns. We've delivered quite a lot so far, and we have some fabulous pieces in production that we're looking to deliver around midyear. We really appreciate Mr. Gordy's passion for fine English guns and his support for the British gun trade overall." "I've always had a love for guns, but couldn't afford them when I was a boy," Russell says. "My father was a Houston policeman. My mother cleaned buildings for a living. I spent my summers over in Louisiana on my grandparents' farm because my parents were so busy they could barely look after me when school was out." Russell's grandfather George Gordy was an avid quail hunter back in the day when small farms in the Deep South still held plenty of bobwhites. He'd pick up extra money putting on trick shooting exhibitions in the country towns close to Leesville. Winchester provided him with a Model 12 with cylinder-bore barrel — a rarity. The Model 12 nearly always came with a full choke. "Grandaddy could throw up seven potatoes and bust them all with that Model 12," Russell says. Another trick of George Gordy's was to light a match with a single shot from a .22. With his next shot, he'd put the same match out. One suspects Mr. Gordy bagged his share of birds. For young Russell, this is where it all began. Thanks to his grandfather, he learned to love the outdoors and gained a lifelong appreciation for the tools of an outdoorsman. "That's really where I got my love of guns and hunting. My grandparents were the biggest influences on my life. I worked my butt off on their farm, but I had plenty of time to roam, too." At 16, Russell took his first paycheck from roughnecking, went straight to the nearest Globe store, and bought a 12-gauge Remington Model 1100 for $87. "I've changed my shooting habits, but as a boy I wanted the biggest gun I could get. (Nowadays, he shoots a three-pound Hunter & Son .410 side-by-side.) After earning an accounting degree from Sam Houston State in 1973, he went to work for Transco Energy. The corporate tempo at the huge pipeline firm didn't suit him, and he began scouring the Houston Post and the Houston Chronicle for greener pastures. ROAD SHOW: Gordy and sons flew from the Bayou City to Big D to attend Park Cities Quail's 12th annual dinner and auction. The March 8 event grossed more than $2.2 million, including Russell's $200,000 winning bid to hunt pheasant with Tom Brokaw at Paul Nelson Farm in South Dakota. No doubt Russell (lower left), Shaun (center), and Garrett (lower right) will vie to be top gun.

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