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S P R I N G 2 0 1 8 | The LandReport 25 LANDREPORT.COM FrontGate FO R S A L E FO R S A L E | TO P T E N | I N V E S T I N G | E V E N T S Rockin JN Ranch PROMONTORY. The Rockin JN lords over the Bitterroot Valley above Ross' Hole on the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail. M ost rock stars live life in the fast lane, burning through piles of cash as they galavant around the world, right? ink again with Jason Newsted. Back in his touring days, this future Rock & Roll Hall of Famer inductee and six-time Grammy Award winner had plans for his money, and they definitely did not include paying for overpriced room service at whichever Ritz-Carlton where Metallica was booked. Nope. After another sold-out, ear-splitting encore in front of a sea of fans, the heavy metal bassist would chow down on a sandwich he made at the craft-services table. Even in his youth, the Battle Creek native was saving his money and thinking about life after the band. "I was raised on a farm in Michigan. I grew up around horses. My idealized situation was somewhere in the mountains where I could have horses again, and I could be that guy again. I wanted my own country," he tells me at his band space and art studio in South Florida. Jason joined Metallica in 1986 following Cliff Burton's death in a tour bus accident in Sweden. He played with the band for a total of 14-plus years, and from the very beginning he had a plan. "I'm going to buy my own country. I've going to have a spread — Idaho, Wyoming, maybe Montana — I'm going to have my own country," he recalls. Twenty years later, those dreams came true. For more than a decade, Jason Newsted and his family have retreated and recharged in Western Montana. Te x t b y Edd ie L e e R ider Jr. | P h o t o g ra p h y b y Bill McD av id

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