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28 The LandReport | S P R I N G 2 0 1 8 LANDREPORT.COM T he more I talked to Jason about the quest that brought him to the Bitterroot Valley, it became clear he felt that this land was meant for him to steward for a specific period of time. "e guy that I bought it from was a guy from Michigan. I'm from Michigan. ere was already a connection," he says. "ere was something kindred there in the Bitterroot Valley. at entire valley was settled by Michiganders. e whole place. So I started to feel a vibe, right? I'm going, 'OK, this is feeling good.'" ese days, the career of the itinerant artist has Jason spending much of his time between Manhattan, Miami, and California. He's on tour again, but not performing as a musician. Jason's creative juices get flowing as he paints and works in mixed mediums. "is opportunity came from the hundreds of pieces of art that I'd done from 2004 to 2010. ey were just sitting in my basement in California. And this guy comes along, the owner of Art Miami, and says, 'Let's take some of those pictures out to the people.'" As we tour his South Florida art studio, I sense the same passion he brought to his music. Passion tinged with sorrow. "I don't really want to leave Montana, but what's transpired in my life over the last 14 months is not anything I could have predicted or really planned to do at all," he says. "So that's why I'm selling my place in Montana. at place is ideal for somebody to pick up where I left off. e house is perfect. We've only lived there a little bit. It's still new. It's still brand new and clean and nice," he says. "Now it's up to somebody else to come with an idea. Maybe a family, maybe a younger cat, someone like that. It needs somebody to come up and truly enjoy this remarkable find as we have. It's a dream place." Bill McDavid of Hall and Hall has been selected to represent Jason Newsted in the sale of the Rockin JN Ranch. For additional information, go to: Jason Newsted welcomed Land Report publisher Eddie Lee Rider Jr. into his South Florida studio to discuss art, land, and his quest to find "his country."

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