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2014 T H E 78 The LandReport | S P R I N G 2 0 1 8 LANDREPORT.COM that in their smaller-scale way they can set an example others can refer to. "We would love to have 100 Dangermond Reserves," he said. "But I'm not Carnegie. We're not in the oil business. We can't do this by ourselves. We're telling the story to set an example of what others could do." Examples set by people of wealth and influ- ence can have their ripple effects through society. Andrew Carnegie established some 2,500 libraries largely with his own money, but ultimately their success and survival depended on support from the communities where they were built. Indeed, Carnegie conditioned his grants on guarantees of long- term local taxpayer support for each library, because otherwise "the public ceases to take interest in it, or, rather, never acquires inter- est in it." Jack Dangermond said that, beyond its potential effect on other rich families, the new preserve would encourage citizens more generally to look at conservation projects in their own neighborhoods. "People could buy a vacant lot and turn it from 'gray infrastruc- ture' to 'green infrastructure,'" he told me. "As cars become automated, a lot of parking-lot space will open up, and people in neighbor- hoods can collectively or individually create parks and make cities more livable." Will individuals and families make the con- nection between this large act of philan- thropy and the smaller-scale opportunities immediately around them? It's a lot to expect. But even if the impact of today's news were, despite the donors' aspirations, confined to one evocative tract along the California coast, the announcement would be a significant one. It is a gift to the planet and to the future — a dramatically positive move from people with wealth when there's been so much movement the opposite way. © 2017 The Atlantic Media Co., as first published in The Atlantic Magazine. All rights reserved. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency LLC. Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve California Seller: The Baupost Group LLC Boston, Massachusetts Buyer: The Nature Conservancy California Chapter Mike Sweeney, Executive Director Donor: Jack and Laura Dangermond Cofounders, Environmental Systems Research Institute Redlands, California DEAL OF THE YEAR L A N D R E P O R T DEAL OF THE YEAR 2017 T H E L A N D R E P O R T After years of peril, the land surrounding Point Conception will forever be protected.

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