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26 The LandReport | R O C K I E S 2 0 1 8 LANDREPORT.COM T hese days, Nashville has become John and Aimee's primary home. "I started coming to Nashville in the late '90s," John says. "And then in the early 2000s, when my son went to board- ing school, Aimee and I became empty nesters at an early age. I was really not touring very much with Daryl Hall, and I wanted to do something creative. I started to make a lot of friends in Nashville, making trips periodically through the late '90s and early 2000s. It was right around 2010, when the flood hit Nashville, that I was about to start a project there. I realized I was spending more money on flights, rent-a-cars, and hotels than I was on my actual recording project. And I said to myself, 'is is not right.' So one day, when I was in the recording studio, it occurred to me that we might want to spend some more time in Nashville. So I asked Aimee, 'Why don't you go see if there's an apartment nearby we could rent?' And that's what she did. "We bought this great condo and lived there until about two and a half years ago when we found an amazing house. Our son was living on the East Coast, and my father is still in Pennsylvania. So every year since 2010, we started spending a little more time here. Soon it became apparent that we were actually living in Nashville. We realized we were kind of orienting ourselves a little bit more east, and that's when we made the transition. en, of course, we bought a house. We're very happy with our new house so that's what made the difference." Scott Davidson of Aspen Associates Realty has the listing on the Little Woody Creek Ranch as well as Bob Beattie's adjacent 6.8-acre legacy ranch. For more details, go to: "Our neighbor across the street, Hunter S. Thompson, was keeping his legendary Red Shark Cadillac convertible in the garage on our property. I guess he needed a place to park it, which I thought was indicative of what the neighborhood was going to be like, and I was right. " — John Oates MPH PHOTOS / SHUTTERSTOCK.COM THE SHOW MUST GO ON. The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is on tour this summer, performing solo as well as with Daryl Hall. See for dates.

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